What is a White Spot?
A white Spot is a place where you cannot access the internet.
How Accurate is the map?
The map is based on global Telecom Provider data from Mosaik Solutions, LLC. The data is provided by the Providers themselves. It is likely that there are undocumented White Spots in covered areas. In reverse, infrastructure keeps changing and White Spots are disappearing every day.
Is the Scanner showing the actual cell towers around me?
Yes, the network scanner and VR environment are location based 360 degree datavisualizations based on a global dataset with tower locations.
Does the route planner really take me to a White Spot?
Yes, the route planner takes you to the nearest White Spot based on the provider data. There are no guarantees, but the ones we visited checked out.
The App doesn't work!
If you have trouble downloading or using the app, please check te following before contacting support.
- Is your device supported? The Device supports all 64 bit iOS devices listed below and Android devices supporting OpenGl 3.0 or higher. Google Play and the Itunes Store will only allow you to download the app on supported devices.
- Do you have GPS enabled? The app needs GPS to function. If you see a message about GPS, make sure GPS or Location Services are enabled in your device settings, quit the app and restart it.
- Are you connected to the internet? If you are not connected to the internet, you can add a white spot to the map. To experience the VR and watch the video's you need to be connected.

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The Virtual Reality and the Network Visualization work best on recent devices. The app is tested on iPhone 5s and newer and modern Android devices.

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